Banner Ads
When you think that all banners are the same, think again. Although banners or flags are a piece of cloth bearing a symbol or a logo of a company or the business industry, each banner is distinctive from the other. If you look carefully on the banner, there are banners that get wet, making it useless on rainy days. However, when a banner is treated with polyester fabric, then, it can be visible for the market all throughout each season. Sleeves and Fabric are UV treated in order to appear exactly the same through time. Consider looking at all the seams. Double stitching allows the banner to be durable and tough. Also, some banners have a quick connect device to be mounted and dismounted easily. It has ball bearing spindles to handle all mounting options so banners can be rotated freely. These are features of a distinctive banner.

What is True Double Sided printing?

Normally, double sided refers to a single side printing and a mirror image is printed on the reverse side. But a true double sided printing means when each side do not interfere with each other. Double sided printing is when a banner can have two different designs on each side since the fabric is treated allowing it to be opaque and the design not seen through the other side. Printing this style can be done for tear drop banners, tension wing and feather banners and ex-discs. These are cost effective marketing tools for the business to be recognized in an instant.

Printing companies know exactly how to print a banner that will last for the longest time. Exposure to sunlight, wind and pollution determines the life of a banner. Colors, else the actual design of the banner are other factors that determine the banner's life expectancy. In most cases, banners visible in a busy road and left out in a hot climate do not allow the banner to last longer. Printing these banners have to done by experienced printing companies thus, making it last for 12-18 months.

There are several methods of printing the banner. Banners can be printed through digital printing. Regardless of the design and the size of the banner, this method is done via ink jet printers where micro-size droplets of inks are placed directly onto the surface of the banner. Marketers can have the option of printing a complex image or design with different colors. These are cost-effective for short outdoor events since this method use minimal ink coverage and are meant to last only for 6-12 months. Compared to silk screen printing which are cost-effective for the business' marketing needs . Silk screen is consistent throughout the design since it is comprised of up to 4 solid colors. In other words, banners cannot have tonal effects or complex image designs. In addition, when marketers prefer to have a durable, high UV resistant material, digital UV printing is offered. These are eco-friendly method of printing since the process does not involve using any solvents.

A good looking banner catches the attention of the target market. Banners are printed to communicate to the market that the business exist.

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