Best Advertisements

Every billboard, banner and poster nestled outside the confines of our homes and offices are all trying to find ways in making themselves appear inherently superior. Standing tall among the rest means getting a lion’s share of the audiences, this translates to more profits and a bigger exposure to the consumer market. You not only have to design it in a way that makes it rise above the lesser ads, but also you need to the best place on where to display it. There are a lot of ways to make your ad materials stand out, so be sure to take note of them:

Keep it short, keep it simple

Remember that your audience is a melting pot of cultures, ideas and perceptions, meaning, each will have their own way of looking at the advertising material. Being able to make them understand what you actually mean is a pretty big challenge, so try to keep your messages – in this case, the text – short and pretty simple. Use less than six words and do not try to challenge them they think; give your audiences a direct to the point message. Use words that are known to all ages. Remember, no one would ever think of checking the dictionary for what a single word in a certain billboard means.

Make elements visible, layout correctly

It is imperative that you correctly emphasize each element that needs due recognition, like the text and the image (usually the product or its effects). Do this in a way that the other elements (secondary text and images) will make the promoted product stand out. For example, a sneaker company made a billboard that presented a sneaker in the center of the billboard, being surrounded by dozens of black leather shoes that were blurred. This concept is ingenious; not only did the company make use of the space that they bought, but they also did it in a very unique way.

Place it where the people are

It would not make any sense to place an ad in an outdoor location where people do not pass by or gather. This is the reason why you will always see billboards and banners in highways or on top of the towering buildings in the downtown area. The places where people usually gather are shopping malls, city squares and parks. However, your focal point in this regard should be the places where people take public transportation. Places like bus stops, train stations and airports are usually adorned with advertising material since a large concentration of people gathers here.

Contrasting colors

Like in the case of the third paragraph, you need to make use of colors that would make each element stand out. The colors that you must utilize are different from each other or that they have to be layout far from each other. A black image and background would work well with yellow-colored or white text. Having elements in the same shade or color will defeat this purpose, so be sure to follow this concept.

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