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Outdoor advertising is a huge business, considered the most effective way to advertise a brand or a product beating broadcast, print and online advertising. It utilizes the use of Out-of-Home media which is, simply put, media that can be found outside the four corners of a home or office. Everyday, people commute using their cars or public transportation, continuously exposing them to Out-of-Home media materials. They converge in big cities and town squares, places where billboards, banners, portable frames and other materials donning brand logos and products with messages to sell and promote. You can also see these in places where transportation pass through like highways, train stations and gas stations. We see them and we know what their functions and intentions are. But do we know what they really are, including how they're made and the strategies employed just to make you glance at them? You'd be surprised at the ingenuity and effort being invested into these materials.

Outdoor Banner Stands. These are mainly graphics made from vinyl or durable fabric which can easily be changed. They are supported by an aluminum frame with a spring loaded center bar. It is probably the most common outdoor display signage being utilized in trade shows, fairs and displays. They are a preferred choice of advertisers because of it being lightweight, portable and convenient.

Pop-Up Tents. These are tents that easy to carry and quick to set up. They are being used as advertising materials as well, with them being utilized in outdoor displays. They are usually being used as stalls for shops serving mostly food. Like all other advertising materials, they carry brand names and logos. They are essentially made of UV-resistant, weather-proof, washable and waterproof fabrics.

Market Umbrellas. These are usually larger-than-normal umbrellas carrying product names on top of it. They are mostly being used in outdoor restaurants and fairs, with small tables and chairs underneath them so customers and merrymakers will be able to seek protection from the elements. They are mostly fitted with a light, however durable pole usually made from fiber glass or aluminum. The fabrics being used are weather-proof and easy to clean.

Pop-Up Bins. These materials are a foolproof way to advertise. Everyone who visits fairs, events and shows usually tries to find a trash can. Pop-up bins can serve that purpose, standing out because of their bright graphics.
Dagmar Branding Pop Up Towers
Now let's focus on the strategies employed by the advertisers. Did you know that some employ the use of psychology among other things?

Color Psychology. Did you know that colors have their own corresponding psychological effect on people? For example, light blue gives off a soothing effect, calming the person seeing it. Colors also give off the impression of what you want to sell. If a company sells liquor like wine and brandy, they are sure to use the color red, to indicate power and luxury.

Advertisers know what you want. Strategies are reinforced by planning. Most advertisers already know what the people in your society want and need, giving them an edge and giving you alternative products to choose from.

Ideas. Advertisers are a tricky bunch. They employ different ideas to captivate potential customers. Catchy taglines, humorous concepts, you name it. They know almost everything.

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