The design of various types of outdoor signage does not exactly define a single banner or an individual sign’s entirety – it is simply a one of the determining factors. What is the use of a sign or a banner design if no one is able to see and appreciate it in the process? It may have applied all the successful aspects and tips in design and printing, but if you present it to an audience would not be interested in its subject matter, then you are wasting your time. Placement of your advertising and signage is a vital key to a successful branding – may it be a small or a large business. With that said, here are some of the simple facets of advertising placement:


Show it to an audience that would be interested

Since outdoor signage cannot exactly reach a mass audience, you need to pick the location and present it in an area where a specific audience can be reached. For example, it would make sense to place advertising materials that are promoting an insecticide and fertilizer on farmer’s convention or outside a convenience store in a farming town. It would not make sense to place these on a large, urban area where most people work in office buildings. Another example, you would never want to advertise hamburgers on a place where Hindu communities reside – it would not only be a waste of time, it would also give the public a negative impression.

Use the appropriate type of signage


Choosing the right type of outdoor signage is another important facet. Remember that it must also fit the occasion or the place where it is. It would not make sense to use a large, market umbrella in a covered gym or a pop-up tent in an indoor convention; these are meant for outdoor use. Making use of them in outdoor events like fairs and gatherings will be able to garner a great promotional effect since people will definitely make use of them to shield themselves from either the sweltering heat or the torrential rains. Choosing the right types will give you the right effects.

Place it where the people are

Aside from placing a type of outdoor signage on a place where a specific audience resides, then find a way to display it in a mass scale since there will be a chance that among the masses, there will be a few people that will take note of it. Outdoor media is one of the building blocks of mass communication – it is able to disseminate information in a mass, albeit limited, scale. People rarely stay in one place all day, which is why they may be unconsciously exposed to advertising materials just by commuting to work and taking everyday transportation. Do you ever wonder why there are a lot of signs in the subways and highways? People are able to see these signs just by passing by. On a smaller scale, placing outdoor signage applies the same basic concepts. You may want to place your signs or banners on restaurants, town squares and convenience stores – places where people are likely to visit or pass by.

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