Displays are marketer’s strategy to advertise the business. It is a tool for advertisers to get a direct response from the market. There may be different types of advertising and it can be done in different forms of medium. Event displays will always remain and continue to serve its purpose. These are effective yet less expensive portable tools to measure advertising results. Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. Any business starts from capturing the market in order to increase its sales. This is where marketing comes in. Marketers and advertisers promote the business to captivate the target market. As the target market is optimized, an increase in the revenue would follow. This is the goal of every display manufacturer.

Visually Dynamic  
Trade Show Event
Trade shows are most preferred by marketers because these events can capture a wider audience. Other than that, it enables the entrepreneurs to engage with the customers. Say for outdoor events, in order to capture the audience a good event display with the business logo or design well printed on it is an essential. Tents are made to provide shade under the extreme heat when an event is held outdoors. In addition, a larger printing area is a great for advertising. 10’x20’ canopies are an example of this display advertising materials. Lastly, as a potential customer is attracted with the display, he would take time and show his interest on the business. In other words, displays such as retractable banners, pop up signs, and more can influence the market’s decisions such as choosing the business over the competitor’s.  

Reaching in Every Stage

Consider these advertising displays as opportunities to reach more customers, both existing and prospects in every stage of the typical marketing sales.

Stage 1: Awareness

Displays aid the business to increase brand awareness. This is what marketers find time to focus on. Picture a potential customer passes by a business booth. The only chance for him to be educated with the new product or service offered is through the display. He sees the business message and the logo on an outdoor display, banners and other displays in the booth.

Stage 2: Education

This is the stage where a potential customer or partner learns about the product or the service offered. He may get acquainted with the marketer, inquire and show his interest on the offer. Marketers must consider this a crucial stage since they will explain everything about the product or service which includes the purpose and benefits should the prospect decides to purchase.

Stage 3: Evaluation

As the potential customer learns on the product or service, he begins to process and evaluate whether or not he will purchase the product. Trade shows, exhibits and other events provide a very minimal time to engage with prospects, the best tool in delivering the message to the market is through displays. Marketers may print the message on the displays in order to give prospects a clear vision on the business.

Stage 4: Purchase

On this stage is when the customer decides on buying the product or service.

It all boils down to a good display to capture the market to make the business grow and take the lead.

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