Banner stands are undoubtedly one of the best promotional tools in business today, mounting them in banner stands are excellent way to display them for public viewing. Many business owners appreciate banners’ cost-efficiency, not to mention that they are great tools for brand circulation.

The Benefits of Using Promotional Banners

Cost-effective: Banners are one of the most cost-effective ways to deliver your promotional message or brand to the public. Compared to advertising your brand in the local TV, you can save from your promotional budget with banners.

Versatile: Banners come in different sizes, material and shapes that you can hang or place at anywhere (as long as you have a permit of course). If you will participate in a trade show, you can use banners for both indoor and outdoor.

Durable:Vinyl, fabric, and mesh are popular materials of banners. They are for different functions, but each of them is durable enough to stand the challenges of being on display for months.

Four Types of Banners

Product Advertisement

Roll up banner stands are also known in another name—pull up banners. As the names suggest, roll up banners have a spring mechanism to pull and set it up. It is a banner type that is considered all in one because of its many functions. When ordering for this type of banner, you can expect that the banner is printed and installed into a unit perfect for mobile promotional displays. Quality roll up banners are lightweight and made of portable custom bag that allows the advertisers to easily move it from an event to another for increased brand exposure.

Retractable Banner

Retractable Banner

Retractable banners are great for all trade show needs. It is a design that allows advertisers to interchange graphics at anytime with its retractable stand. It comes with telescopic pole for easy adjustment and takes up a very little space. There are unlimited ways to make your retractable banner an interesting advertising piece.

L and X Banner

L and X Banner

L and X banners are also popular in trade shows and brand exhibitions. They are credited for their supportive stand that comes in either L or X shape. The L banner forms an L-shaped stand at the back while the X banner forms an X.

Pop-up Banners

Pop-up Banners

Pop up displays are your best friend when it comes to innovation and designs. Pop up displays come in variety of shapes, sizes, and material options. They are very flexible and come with a structure that can be folded within seconds. Fiberglass A-Frame, Pop Up towers, Event Bins, Pop up Circles, etcetera are just some of the examples of Pop up banners.

There is a large range of banner selection available in the market. You can choose according to the needs of your business, budget, and the kind of places that you are going to visit for the campaign. Custom banner stands created by reliable outdoor display provider are your best bet for a successful promotional campaign.

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It's great to know some benefits of an outdoor banner. Since a friend asked me to find a service that offers banner designing, it's good that I've read your blog because they need one for their business. I like what you said that the vinyl one is the most cost-effective method to deliver a certain firm's brand to the public.


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